3. Rondeau

The rondeau is one of my favorite poetic forms. It makes use of a refrain, and what is most challenging about it is how you have to piece together the rest of the poem while making sure the refrain contributes to the meaning of the poem in as poignant a manner as possible.

It consists of 15 lines: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet; each line in tetrameter. The whole thing follows a rhyme scheme AABBA AABC AABBAC, where C is the refrain and must be identical to the first line.

Memories Barren

Her eyes resplendent ‘neath the muck,
Glist’ning epoch after epoch.
Charred edges of mangled satin—
Little remain; manage to brighten.
Can’t help but shudder; heart spins amok.

Golden locks that leave me moonstruck;
Skin so pallid, soft as lilac.
Such memories only lay barren;
Her eyes resplendent.

But I cannot regret such luck
As to have met her on the hillock:
To have lain on grass like cotton,
To have felt her knees weaken . . .
In that mem’ry there I lay stuck:
Her eyes resplendent.


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