6. Tau-Ku

What is a tau-ku, you ask? I’m not entirely sure, either.

It’s one of many variations of the haiku, which is a three-line Japanese poem (usually with the theme of nature) in a 5/7/5 meter. The catch is, a Tau-Ku is in 6/2/8. Twice as much as the Pi-Ku’s 3/1/4.

She dangles, precarious;
Hanging from the branches. Asleep.

Why, you may ask, have I decided on writing a Tau-Ku entry before a Pi-Ku or even a haiku entry? Simply because I am never organized. Or if I am, not by much. Also, they have a Tau-Ku Day Contest at One Single Impression, which you should check out.


4 thoughts on “6. Tau-Ku

  1. Thank you I have learned two new short forms today. Another friend introduced me to Tau Ku, so I wrote my first one today:

    In looking for more information I have now found ‘pi ku’

    I like various short forms. I hope to come back to see which ones I have yet to discover. I’ve put some that I’ve found out about here:

    There are different forms on different pages towards the top right.
    Enjoy. And thanks again, Jules

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