10. Tanaga

The tanaga is definitely one of the few poetic forms I enjoy and consider leisurely. It’s not just that it’s of Filipino origins. The AABB heptasyllabic scheme gives it quite a mellifluous flow. It’s simple, yet elegant (if that isn’t too clichéd); it gets the job done in such little effort.

The modern tanaga is more lenient, though. Other dual rhyme forms beside AABB are acceptable (i.e, ABAB and ABBA), as well as freestyle forms (e.g., AAAB, BAAA, ABCD). A tanaga traditionally is not given a title, but modern tanagas may be titled.

Yon, a gargantuan hole–
Dormant, yet dares to cajole.
Hot metal stirs in the air.
Glist’ring. Glowing. Do I dare?

One Single Impression


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