12. Acrostic

I just love love love acrostics. You do know what acrostics are, don’t you? An acrostic is a poetic form in which the first letter of each line, when read in sequence, spells out a word.

What I love about them is that there is no meter, no rhyme scheme. If you’re feeling prolific, you can go ahead and write long lines; if you feel up for a challenge, you can limit yourself to a certain meter or number of words per line. Now, traditionally, you aren’t supposed to punctuate the end of each line, but since I cannot stand not correctly punctuating my poetry, I suppose it’s okay.


Bequeathed conceit;
Intrinsic indecision—
Satisfied with lies;
Hone it, even.
Options tapered;
Plays with fate—
Sacrifices sanity.


5 thoughts on “12. Acrostic

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  3. i used to write acrostics but of a person’s complete name (yah that includes their surname) im not good at it,but who cares anyway? you are a great poet and i admire you.

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