17. Guillion

I was feeling bored today, so I thought I’d try my hand at making an original poetic form. Yes, the first one on this blog (but not the first one I’ve made).

Now. The Guillion. It is a poetic form composed of three quatrains and one concluding tercet that follow the rhyme scheme: ABAC BCBD CDCA A1B1C1. That is, the last words of each line of the tercet must be the same as the respective end words of the first lines of each stanza. The one I made below is in iambic pentameter, but the form is lenient as to the meter.

It is also eponymous to my ex-boyfriend, Guil, whom I am still good friends with.


The Cusp of Night

T’was twice as cold at the cusp of that night
As any other that August might send.
T’was twice as warm as he held up his might—
A shaft thrice as long impaled in my head.

And with his great strength, he forced me to bend;
Succumbed to his pride and clutched at the bed.
He thrust and he pushed, like it never would end,
As we lay in the moonlight’s frigid glare.

He smiled as I did, to surrender; I pled—
There, the raucous shouts in our ears did blare.
The walls crumbled, and oh, the dread!
And there, we lay naked exposed in fright.

T’was twice as cold at the cusp of that night,
And with their great strength, they forced us to bend.
They smiled as we did—we surrendered. Ne’er pled.

Jingle Poetry


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