18. Nonet

The nonet is quite a fun poetic form.

Its only restraint is that on meter: decreasing syllables from nine to one, graduating along the nine lines, but other than that, rhyming is optional. So basically, the first line would have nine syllables, the second eight, up until the ninth and last which has only one syllable.


Tied to Fate

I fear that I cannot live restrained,
Bound to adhere to senseless rules—
A body I do not own;
Hands chained and tied to fate;
Mind frozen solid;
A heart unused—
Cannot love,
Can’t not.


11 thoughts on “18. Nonet

  1. Kabogable! I like it. :) I’m sure hindi nila maiintindihan kung ano yung “kabog.” I can feel the pain of “A heart unused / Cannot love / Can’t not / No.” Beautiful verse. You’re a gifted poet.

  2. By the way, congratulations on this very interesting / informative blog. I’m not exposed to various poetic forms so I really appreciate your blog. (I didn’t formally study writing.)

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