19. Rondelet

Remember the rondel from way back in early July? Well, today’s poetic form is similar to it. Actually, scratch that. The rondelet is sort of a truncated version thereof. If you found the rondel easy, the rondelet is a piece of cake.

The rondelet, like other variants of the rondeau, makes use of a refrain — a single line repeated throughout the stanza. The basic structure is AbAabbA, where A is the refrain. All the lines must have eight syllables, except for the refrain which is only in tetrameter (four syllables).

In other news: Who here is a friend of Dorothy?

We Heart It

No One

I found no one,
Calling yon onto the shadows.
I found no one—
N’even a sloven so cloven—
Gazing high up at the gallows.
‘Neath crows awaiting their furloughs.
I found no one.


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