24. Kyrielle

I must admit, the kyrielle is pretty okay a poetic form. It’s one of the few thematically flexible on the blog thus far.

A kyrielle is written in quatrains — as to the number of stanzas, it is to the poet’s discretion but three is usually the minimum. It follows the rhyme scheme aabB ccbB ddbB, etc., where B is the refrain. The lines usually have eight syllables, but the meter may be overlooked.

The Insipid History of Man

Many a suns had left the skies,
And still our love they think unwise—
On our habit to swallow cock
Do they choose to judge and mock!

Many a years had come to pass,
And thousand hist’ry books trespass—
Crush us by and by like chalk:
That they choose to judge and mock.

Many an Earth have gone and died,
Yet still this love lies not beside
The rightful in a moral deadlock
To choose if they’d judge or mock.

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