29. Etheree

I’m surprised I haven’t done the Etheree yet.

The Etheree is a poetic form similar to the nonet in that it has a set meter per line; the difference being that the nonet only has nine lines, while the etheree has ten; and that while the nonet’s number of lines decreases in succession, the etheree’s increases. Long story, short: line one has one syllable, line two has two, line three has three, etc., until you reach line ten where you stop.

Tick tock.
Grains of sand
Slip through fingers.
Closed eyes to recall—
The clamor in the skies;
Fires that engulfed the sea;
The sound of screams, laughter blissful.
Awake staring at the glass of sand.
Time—not sand—slipping through your fingers.

One Single Impression.


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