34. Gratielle

Okay so, I realized that though I’ve not made much progress in my writing career, I have much to be thankful for. I have friends to thank. My family. Our two dogs. My best friend and personal editor. My then- but now-ex-boyfriend. E-publishing (a last resort I’m open to).There are so many people and things to be thankful to and for!

That’s what inspired me to make the Gratielle, an original poetic form, the name of which is derived from Latin Gratia. As the haiku’s theme revolves around things nature-related, so the Gratielle’s around giving thanks.

A Gratielle is a short single-stanza sestet with a rhyme scheme of ABACBC. A- and C-lines are written in hexameter (or six syllables) and B-lines in tetrameter (or four syllables). The theme of “gratitude” may or may not be explicitly stated in the lines of your Gratielle. You can even link several Gratielles if a single-stanza isn’t enough; for those of you who want a challenge, you can try cramming all of what you want to say in six lines.

Ha! This poetic form would have been useful in Thanksgiving (not that we celebrate it here in the Philippines; we don’t, but you know. . .). Give the form a shot and tell us how it goes.

Helped me uncover life;
Stayed when all’d fled—
Held hands through trouble rife.
Slowly. Lips intertwined—
Not soon parted.
Smiled at him with heart blind.


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