38. Dodoitsu

Yes, don’t worry. I’m still very much alive. It isn’t that school has left me with not a single minute to write. It’s just that I’ve been going through a literary crisis, one which has left me artistically paralyzed, and now questioning the nature of my work; hence also (and this might be a stretch) my very being.

Anyway, today, I thought I would do a dodoitsu. It’s a Japanese form of a fixed 26 syllables divided into a 7-7-7-5 unrhymed and non-metrical quatrain often about love or humor. (But really, what is the difference between love and humor these days? You be the judge.)

I met my friend in the room,
And there I asked him to leave;
He stood and asked how he could—
When I would not go.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
Poets United


10 thoughts on “38. Dodoitsu

    • Hi there, Andy. Thank you for your comment. :)

      I dropped by your blog. I don’t know if my comment to “A Cheerful Glance” got through, so I thought I’d say again how much I liked it. I found it beautifully quixotic; it took me to another time and place.

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