45. Roundelay

The roundelay is a poetic form composed of any number of quatrains (four-liners) that are made up of two couplets (two-liners). It follows the rhyme scheme: bbaA ccaA ddaA, and so on, where the second couplet of each quatrain (the “aA”) is the common rhyme among all the quatrains, and the “A” signifies the refrain.

I made modifications to this form in my poem below, opting to repeat only the last word of the second couplet instead of the whole line.

A dreadful time for friendships end,
And to which my love to send.
There he rises from the shadow;
Says he will never go.

T’would be ungrateful to complain
Of the only company I’ll soon attain;
But I shiver, for he incites fear and woe,
The kind that never go.

He tells me that I soon will die.
Surprised am I to see him cry.
My eye, too, burn; with his voice low
Says, “I will never go.”

Queer a sight, for as I move, so he!
He laughs—so I—we laugh in glee.
Naught but this reflected glow,
Says he will never go.

Yet as I turn to move, he stays.
He smiles—I don’t—and fixes me a gaze.
I gasp and then he says so slow:
“I will never let you go.”

The Mag
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads
Poetry Pantry


2 thoughts on “45. Roundelay

  1. I’m so thankful that I have finally found a blog dedicated to explain to me the intricacies of poetic theories. As in! I’ve longed to enroll in classes but I do not have time. I read books too. But yours make it all too easy to learn. Alam yung mga jargons na yan… Gusto ko! I also write poems and essays here man gud :http://filipinochildren.blogspot.com/

    Anyway, follow ako sa blog mo ha…

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