47. Hexaduad

Hooray! I’m feeling much better about all this — also, I’m far less busy now — so we resume regular updates (i.e., once or twice a week).

Today, I thought I’d post a fun poetic form, which I’ve come to learn most people refer to as “challenges.”

The hexaduad is a 12-liner composed of six couplets (which pretty much explains its name). It follows the rhyme scheme AABBCCDDEEFF. Now comes the fun (hard) part: It is strictly metered to 2/2/6/6/8/8/4/4/6/6/4/4.

I spy
The sky
In all its splendid gloom;
Light trapped in cloudy womb.
Winds dance in a vicious flurry
Of that darkness all too homely.
A veil of white,
Yon clouds so bright,
Consumes the earth and seas;
Stars collapse from disease.
Those with power,
Evils linger.

Poetry Pantry
Imaginary Garden with Real Toads


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