48. Cavatina

With the lack of anything better to do today, I’ve decided to write poetry. I’m feeling like my old self again.

Also, I’ve decided that I find it funny and amazingly helpful how search engines lead to my site from porn-related search terms.

Anyway, today, I thought I’d go with a mildly offbeat poetic form. The cavatina is a poem composed of unrhymed lines in iambic pentameter (ten-syllable lines, with syllables alternating from stressed to unstressed) that alternate with ones in iambic dimeter that rhyme with each other (four-syllable lines; stressed then unstressed) at least three times. That means the form doesn’t have a set number of lines. The whole thing ends with an iambic pentameter couplet rhymed separately.

Essentially it has a rhyme scheme: xAxAxA(…)BB, where x’s are unrhymed lines. You could also experiment with varying rhyme schemes, like xAxBxAxB(…)CC.

Some write it as a single-stanza; some group and divide the couplets into quatrains. Either is fine.

He listens as the bells a’jingle light
In Loyal Oz.
The boy recalls dreams and anxious longing
For bright applause,
But in queer a land, sees only failure;
Sees only flaws.
He spins amok in bright green lights confused;
Loses what was
In a spate of nothing and all that is.
Puts aside cause;
Vindicates acquittal with reasoned loss—
Dances through life in error and chaos.

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6 thoughts on “48. Cavatina

  1. never, never give up what was only yours all along… innocent on all counts…. i love the form and how you interpreted a story of one, of many in the merry ol’ land of oz…

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