52. Spine Poetry

My, it has been such a long time since I uploaded something on here! I am still alive and well, dear followers and friends. I’ve started a new blog at Modern Day Epic, if you haven’t seen it. It’s a fun science fantasy blog series that has a little bit of something in it for everyone. Give it a read.

Okay, so enough shameless self-promotion.

Yesterday, I found an interesting post. I cannot find the link, and I am deeply sorry about that. Anyway, the post featured something called “Spine Poetry.” I think it’s such a clever use of book spines, and I can’t believe I’ve only heard of it now.

The concept is that you stack a bunch of books to create a poem with the titles on their spines. Like so (click image to enlarge):

Man’s origin, man’s destiny
Slipping into darkness–
Dead connection.
The Angel of Death;
A welcome grave.

No comebacks.


10 thoughts on “52. Spine Poetry

  1. Oh, wow. This is a really cool idea. I’m gonna have to give it a go. Interesting blog, as well. I’m always looking for prompts or new ways of writing so this is going to be of great help to me. :)

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