So, here’s the deal: Every now and then, I will choose a random poetic form and try it out, see if I like it. Just so we’re clear, I will attempt to do every kind of poetic form — from the seemingly simple to the astoundingly outlandish.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, either. I’ve always loved poetic forms. (Trust me. It’s more of a curse than a talent, really.) I’d just given up on my old blog, as I didn’t feel it was leading to anywhere and had become more of a burden than a means of recreation, when I began exploring poetry once again. I fell in love with various forms — rondelets, sestinas, shadorma. And voila! Poeformology was conceived out of that:

Poeformology (n.) — An in-depth study on different poetic forms and an indulgence of oneself therein.

About two weeks into planning and outlining what I would be doing in this project, I realized there were fewer poetic forms than I’d originally thought, and it disillusioned me to push through with a project that wouldn’t keep me busy for long. And then I thought, why not make my own poetic forms?

That’s where Applied Poeformology comes in.

And, fear not, I do write free-form, free-verse poetry. It’s just that I like them so much, I keep them for the poetry journals and magazines. :D


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the idea you came up with here, and I especially love all the work that you’ve put into this site to create beautiful works of art. It’s a creative challenge, and you are really good with words. I love what I’ve read so far, and I’m really looking forward to reading more!
    Amazing poetry bleeds from your fingers!

  2. …Very interesting that you find time & passion to create your own poetic form…i’d like to do the same but i wasn’t that good enough to do it…i’ve once formatted a new form in poetry but couldn’t make it public for now…still more pollishing required…i enjoyed your writing at different forms…keep it up…smiles…

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